Leon Bridges Channels The Soul of Eras Gone By [FULL VIDEOS] @leonbridges


Upon first listen of “Lisa Sawyer”, you’d swear that you’re listening to an undiscovered oldie. “How can it be,” you ask yourself, self-avowed soulhead that you are, “that I’ve never heard of Leon Bridges?” And then, after a quick Google search, you discover that the subject of your fascination was incredulously born in…1990. With a soulful croon reminiscent of the legendary Sam Cooke, Bridges has officially released just three songs to date, and he is just now really ramping up his public promotion campaign. However, the Fort Worth, TX native has already sold out shows later this summer from down South all the way up to Brooklyn.

At the risk of overstating his talent (for fear that you might dismiss him as just another flash-in-the-pan), Bridges is the truth. Considering his commanding voice, guitar skills, purposeful production that makes you romanticize the days of humid, mid-20th century summer nights at the soda-shop, Bridges unquestionably deserves your ear. Enjoy the videos for “Better Man” and “Coming Home” below, as well as a special live performance of “Lisa Sawyer,” and indulge in a remarkable talent destined for great things.

[Update: Leon Bridges’ debut album Coming Home is available now via Amazon and iTunes.]

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