#Support Common and Gregory Porter’s Important New Song, “Running” (Refugee Song)

In an era when so many hip hop artists are mumbling their way to chart success and fan adoration (read: Desiigner, Young Thug), it is refreshing to hear the clearly articulated and positive themed contributions by artists like Common.

“This tragedy affects all of us”

-Gregory Porter

This new track, which also features the amazingly soulful Gregory Porter and the deft trumpet playing of Keyon Harold, was written to raise money for various refugee organizations for World Refugee Day.   In an interview published by AllHipHop, Gregory Porter comments “This tragedy affects all of us,” Gregory Porter said. “I am grateful to lend my voice to these courageous survivors. I hope everyone downloads the song so we can raise desperately needed money to help these families and let them know we have nothing but love for them.”
BUY Running (Refugee Song) [feat. Common & Gregory Porter]

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