#LISTEN to Raye 6’s Amazingly Sultry New Single, “I’m Deciding” + Interview

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It is rare that an artist immediately resonates with our staff.   Sure, there are the occasional unmistakable talents that you can’t ignore, but it doesn’t happen often.  Many years ago, soulhead founder Ron Worthy randomly came across Brooklyn based Raye 6, a captivating singer and performer, and her single, “Not Gonna Be Forever” and was sold.  That track’s blend of funk and pop not only kept his attention but made him want more.

Fast forward to Brooklyn’s BRIC B-Side music series and Raye 6, along with her band and background singers, performed several tracks from her forthcoming LP, Life of 6.  While all of the songs were worthy of being hit singles, the clear standout was “I’m Deciding.”  Combining compelling lyrics, an impeccable slow groove (courtesy of producer Nature Boi) and Raye’s unmistakable voice, this track is on fire.  Honestly, artists and music like this is why we are continually drawn to music.  Her attention to detail and the frankness of her lyrics about a troubled relationship makes it hard to turn away.  When she emotes “I’m deciding if I could forgive you baby,”  you are right there with her feeling every word.

Not that she necessarily needs it, but radio really needs to stand up and pay attention.  We need much more quality like this than some of the vapid, pointless records that are being pushed by radio programmers these days.  If you are a fan of music of any kind (or art for that matter), you will enjoy this and immediately want to pass it on.   We are grateful that there are passionate and talented artists like Raye 6 who are committed to their craft despite the challenging environment we are faced with today.

We were fortunate to be able to touch base with her to add more texture to the music.   Enjoy our discourse below:

soulhead: What was the inspiration for this single?

Raye 6: To be REALLY honest? I had a really bad break-up.  I was with someone for 6 years and out of three of those years, we got along (kind of), but we were falling out of love with each other a little bit you know for personal reasons and things that happened throughout the relationship.  At the end of “The Break-Up,” I came in the house I had just got my studio Wild Bitch Studios in Bushwick and I came home to tell him.  I was really happy.  I had just signed the lease for my art gallery/recording studio.  We had roommates at the time and when I walked in everyone was in the living room and he turns around in his chair and says “I’m over this b****.  I’m tired of this b****.  I’ve hated you for 3 years” and a whole slew of other sh*t.  I was so taken aback that I just left out of the house.  This song came about because of that situation.  I wrote it one day after he had moved out of the house.  This one night in my bedroom (that we used to share), I was trying to decide what to do.  Take him back and forgive him or let him go.

soulhead:  What can we expect from the full album?

Raye 6:  My album Life of 6, is very personal.  It’s about the stages that you go through when you’re experiencing a breakup.  Six years is a long time.  It’s about my relationship with my father and my relationship with God.  Its about police brutality and whats going on in media.  This album from beginning to end tells the story of my life.

Raye 6 Profilesoulhead:  You are an incredible visible artist. Can you walk us through some of your creative processes?

Raye 6: I always start my creative process off by asking myself “How do you feel right now? What is it that you want to say? What do you want to see from yourself?”  And then I ask myself “What are the colors you see? What’s the atmosphere that will help you convey your message?”  I take myself on that trip through my imagination then I figure out how I can make it a reality.

soulhead:  If you could work with any artist living or dead, who would you pick?

Raye 6: Stephanie Mills, Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Carole King, Michael McDonald, Rick James, Giorgio Moroder, Missy Elliot and Timbaland.

soulhead: What current artists do you really like to listen to?

Raye 6:  Frank Ocean, The Internet, Drake, Rihanna, Jeremih, Miguel, Janelle Monáe

soulhead: How does Brooklyn inspire your work?

Raye 6: My heart lives in Brooklyn.  Friends that I can truly call family.  Just their drive alone inspires my work.  The people around me inspire me to be who I am.  Brooklyn inspires me to be me, be brave and be free.

For more information, contact Kim Knox at ubiquita.worldwide@gmail.com

Raye 6 Social:  Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

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