The Mello Music Group’s “Persona” Is Pure, Unadulterated Hip-Hop At Its Best [FULL STREAM] @Mellomusicgroup @oddisee @redpillrap @apollobrown


Hip-Hop Lives! The Mello Music Group’s “Persona” is pure, unadulterated Hip-Hop at its finest. Based in Arizona, USA, the Mello Music Group is an independent label with an agenda; to make “boom bap at its best: evolving and expanding the art form, capturing stories of the struggle, upholding the tradition, and keeping the crooked honest.” Their latest EP, “Persona,” dropped on March 10th 2015. The project is a musical compilation which includes various emcees like Oddisee, Apollo Brown, yU, L’Orange, Red Pill, Open Mike Eagle, Rapper Big Pooh, and Quelle Chris.

“Persona” delivers boom-bap-driven, conscious, self-aware defiance. Somewhere, the founding fathers of Hip-Hop are nodding with approval.


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