LISTEN to Beyonce’s New Proteges, Chloe X Halle’s, Ethereal New Single, “Drop” [VIDEO]


We were pleased to learn that Beyonce is branching out and exposing the World to new talent. In addition to Chloe X Halle, who are sisters, Queen B has also signed 29-year-old singer/rapper Ingrid and Sophie Beem, who is a self-taught pianist, guitarist, and vocalist and is 16 years old.

According to a recent interview, “‘DROP’ is very special to us because it was one of the first songs we fully wrote and produced ourselves,” Chloe x Halle told The FADER. “It gave us the courage to trust our instincts. To see how it was made from our living room, to turning into something much bigger, is super exciting! We’re so happy that we got to do our first video in such a huge way.”

As you will see, “Drop” is very light and mellow but powerful lyrically. They delicately deliver simple but beautiful vocals. We are looking forward to more from this new group.


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