Moe’s Closes in a Blaze of Glory!!!!

Now that all has been said and done and the beloved institution Moe’s has closed it’s doors, I must say that while it will be sorely missed, the relationships will and must endure. As member of this community, we will have to get used to change as that is the only constant we have. I was more than sad (and bruised actually) on early Thursday morning than I expected but I know that as 1 door closes another opens.

I was fortunate enough to be asked by Moe’s owner Ruby Lawrence to run home and get my iPod for some music. Having spent a few years there as a DJ and many more as a regular, my iPod has a playlist simply called Moe’s. Over the years, I had been asked to put together playlist after playlist for Moe’s by friends having birthdays or other events that were being held at the bar. So, this night, I was prepared…..except for the fact that my iPod was dead.

When I arrived back at the bar after charging it, I was told that I had missed a very emotional set of remarks by Ruby and Chelsea. At first, I was sad, but it was kind of like missing that eulogy of your nearly departed friend….I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle it. Thanks a lot to everyone that came out and helped get the rest of the night sorted out. You know who you are. 🙂

Check for more details in this great summary done by the Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch.

Here is a short sampling of songs that I can recall being played from my Moe’s playlist:

The place erupted when “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey came on:

Listen to Moe’s bar sing it. Thanks to the and Clay Williams for this:

and newly updated (thanks and Jay Fingers) with another angle:

Now listen to Journey sing it:

And nobody can resist:


but the show stopper was this:

Moe’s will be sorely missed by all who ever visited and especially by all of us here at Read our recent coverage here or other Moe’s closing remarks by the Gothamist’s John Del Signore here, Brian Grosz at DoctorGrosz and Jay Fingers @ here and finally by Roxanna Asgarian at the Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch here. And we can’t forget our main man Clay Williams at the Examiner for always being on point. Check his coverage of the last night at Moe’s here.

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