LISTEN to Drake’s Hot New Track with Kanye West and Jay-Z Checking In With The Shortest Cameo Ever [FULL STREAM]

Welcome to the song that will likely be on every hip hop station this Summer followed by an appearance next Fall on Urban AC. This may not be “Hotline Bling,” but it sure is catchy. We only wonder why Jay-Z even bothered to be included with only 1 couplet delivered. Could it have something to do with Drake’s references to Jay-Z on his recent track “Summer Sixteen” where he claims that he “turned into Jay?” Strange but we will take it. He and ‘Ye appear as The Throne, which is a callout to their joint Watch the Throne album a while back.

Drake also dropped another track called “One Dance” but we didn’t feel that track as much as “Pop Style”. For your convenience, we will include it below as well. Honestly, both are cool but “Pop Style” is a bit stronger (read: less singing).


“Pop Style”

“One Dance”

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