MEET Houston’s Blushhh Music, Mathew Knowles’ New Discovery


We were very pleased to get to know this up and coming group that is the latest discovery from Mathew Knowles, Blushhh Music (including Tali, Bunni Ray and Sunni).  From their responses, they have a bright future ahead and we look forward to hearing more from them.  After their Q and A, check out their latest single “Old School Back” below and let us know what you think.  The track features a sample of “Rain Dance” by The Jeff Lorber Fusion, which was made popular by Lil’ Kim on the song “Crush On You” featuring Lil’ Cease and The Notorious B.I.G..


soulhead:  How did the group get formed?

Blushhh Music: The group was formed six years ago.  The group started with two rappers looking for a vocalist. We went to Facebook to look for a singer!  We found Tali on Facebook.  We began bonding and doing showcases around the city!  Five years later we stumbled upon a showcase at Music World Entertainment!  We tried to give Mr. Knowles our cd and he actually threw it out the window!

Mr. Knowles gave us feedback about being unique and trendsetters and not being another Destiny’s Child. We performed an acapella for Mr. Knowles letting him hear two rappers and a vocalist and he loved the performance!  We then signed with Mr. Knowles and was put through artist development!  At the beginning of artist development, we had a group member change!  We resorted back to social media and went to Instagram and hand picked Ms. Bunni Ray.  Bunni Ray’s energy and chemistry meshed perfectly and she fit right in! We have now been in artist development for almost two years!

soulhead:  How do you keep egos in check to make sure Blushhh has longevity in this music industry?We remain humble, focused, and always remember the bigger picture and goal!  We pray and keep our selves grounded in our faith!

soulhead: What type of advice have you received that makes the road to stardom a bit easier?

Blushhh Music:  Mr. Knowles has given us advice to stay focused and work on perfecting our craft, staying an artist and having complete trust in our team!

soulhead: Describe your experience at SXSW?

Blushhh Music:  Blushhh Music SXSW’s experience was very memorable and one to never forget. It was a special weekend for us considering this was our release out of artist development and introduced to the music industry. We gained more supporters and made a mark to the underground hiphop scene.

soulhead: What kind of preparation did it take to get ready to perform at SXSW?

Blushhh Music: In preparation for SXSW, we get together our imaging as far as wardrobe and our show, which includes long hours of rehearsing.

Blushhh Musicsoulhead: What’s a typical day look like for you young ladies?

Blushhh Music:  A typical day on Blushhh Music’s schedule consist of 9 am gym training then lunch break followed by 5-6 hour rehearsals following by writing or studio session.

soulhead: Who did you work with for your debut album?

Blushhh Music:  For Blushhh Music’s debut album, we got to work with two great in-house producers and engineers!  Eddie Ferguson and Tberry, who both have worked with big name artists in the music industry such as Rick Ross, T-Pain, k Michelle and many more.

soulhead: Is there a wish list for artists you would like to work with next?

Blushhh Music:  Blushhh Music would love to collab with another girl group and bring unity and female power front and center in the music industry!  We also have amazing talents we look up to such as Timbaland, Pharrell, Dr. Dre, and Missy Elliot.

soulhead: Having someone as credible as Mathew Knowles backing you is huge, but is there any pressure that some might expect Blushhh to become an overnight success due to his previous successes?

Blushhh Music:  In the words of Mr. Mathew Knowles ” there is no such thing as overnight success.” Blushhh Music has worked for years long and hard. Mr. Knowles prides him self in developing his artist such as Motown‘s Berry Gordy.  We actually have gotten to experience the same bootcamp as Destiny’s Child.  Artist development is key to artist longevity.  We understand this takes patient and hard work and were prepared to do whatever it takes.

Check out the single “Old School Back” below:


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