Discover Pop Soul Heaven with Brittany Campbell’s Heroes Album #ICYMI

This past weekend, our staff was hanging out in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn when we came across a recent publication of local magazine, The Deli.  It’s January cover story featured up and coming pop-soul artist, Brittany Campbell.  Campbell lives uptown and has been gigging around town and even opened for Katy Perry.

As such, we did a bit more research and discovered her LP, Heroes, from last year.   After a few listens, we were really floored by the strength and tone of her voice, her passionate and sexy delivery, and the backing tracks.  The music varied from obvious pop to more sensual obscurity, which we really dig.  A sonic cross between the aforementioned Perry, the singing parts of Nicki Minaj and Res, one of our all time favorites, this artist is definitely one to watch (and listen) out for.

We thoroughly enjoyed this record and wish her well on her music journey, which should be filled with success.

Rating:  A-

Favorite Tracks:  Heroes, I Don’t Want Your Money, Sexy Darth Vadar, Fly Guys

Peep the full Deli article here and listen to Heroes below:

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