#ThatTimeWhen Coldplay Opened for Bruno Mars and Beyonce at the Super Bowl #BlackGirlMagic

First off, let us say that we love Coldplay. So this in no way is a meant as disrespect to Chris Martin or his awesome bandmates.  However, last night was all Bruno Mars and, more importantly, ALL Beyoncé.  The day before, B broke the internet AGAIN with her visually stunning video for her new track, Formation.  The video, which was shot in New Orleans with plenty of imagery, pretty much dominated social media conversation all day and the morning leading up to the big game.   Even MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry had a segment about Beyoncé and the song on her morning program.

So coming into the game, folks were already thinking about the record. Beyoncé took full advantage of the moment and, instead of rocking one of her many hits in medley, she chose to continue the buzz from the day before and perform the new track live.  Can somebody say “BAWSE”?  Wow.  We were floored as she lead her team of Black Panther clad dancers who were on point and definitely in formation.

She and Bruno Mars ended their segment with an amazing duet of Mars’ “Uptown Funk” as Mark Ronson scratched along with the infectious groove.  It was truly a site to behold and we couldn’t have asked for a more amazing performance by two of today’s most amazing performers.  Oh yea, and Coldplay was OK too, albeit a little bit of a downer performing mellow tracks like Yellow, especially relative to Beyoncé and Mars.

Enjoy Beyoncé and Bruno Mars (without Coldplay) below in case you were one of the 5 people who didn’t see it already:

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