Jess the Facts Drops Headnod-Inducing ‘Blue Hues of Science’ [ALBUM REVIEW + STREAM] @JesstheFacts


By Solomon Words | @sologeeohdee

Jess the Facts, a Boston native based in the City of Angels, has hit us over the head with his newest album Blue Hues of Science. Originally released last month, the 17-track album is a throwback to the cool boom-bap era of rap, when beats and rhymes mattered the most.  The seamless fusion of jazz, funk, soul, and ‘90s flavored hip-hop calls to mind A Tribe Called Quest and keeps the overall vibe of the album chill and relaxed.

Entirely produced by Blue Buttonz from South Africa, his eclectic musical palette is prevalent throughout the record and makes for a solid listen. Jess the Facts also brings in a handful of other skilled emcees to relay quality bars on the album. Guests include Mighty Casey, Compton rapper URG7, South Central rapper Big Grim, and DJ AC The PD, who also A&R’ed the project and helped connect the dots between the artists.

If you’re into top-caliber hip-hop, then I suggest playing Blue Hues of Science at high decibels, as Jess the Facts’ dope project is something that every hip-hop enthusiast will definitely appreciate. Be sure to listen to “Let Me Be Free,” “True Blue Denim Venom,” “Sapphire,” and “Phthalocyanine (80’s Train),” while all tracks in between will make your head nod and soul groove as well. Put your headphones on and feel the vibes.

Grade: B+

Notable Songs: “Let Me Be Free” | “Phthalocyanine (80’s Train)” | “Sapphire” | “True Blue Denim Venom”

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