Gifted Artist, Tough Questions – “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” [FULL STREAM + VIDEO] @hopsin

Gifted Artist, Tough Question - Ill Mind of Hopsin 7Hopsin is an LA based rapper who has been in and out of the entertainment scene for years. If this is your first time hearing him flow, rest assured that he is a talented MC with an amazing flow. His lyrics are usually evocative and bombastic. This new song “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” is new different. But what’s special about it is that this song is something like an open letter between the artist and God.

Challenging the edicts and even existence put forward by a Westernized,Christian view of God, Hopsin seems to bare all in this song. It is for that reason that this song enters into a space of “great hip hop”. Hopsin demonstrates that he is unafraid as an artist, and indeed as a human, to speak on issues that weigh on his heart and mind. You can stream the song here and watch the video. This is a record that deserves spins!

Also, a happy birthday to Hopsin!

Gifted Artist, Tough Questions – “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7”

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