Sevyn Streeter- Call Me Crazy EP Album Review by Victoria Shantrell (@MsAnomalous) @sevyn

Sevyn Streeter- Call Me Crazy Album Review by Victoria ShantrellArtist: Sevyn Streeter
Title: Call Me Crazy
Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: R&B, Pop
Released: December 3, 2013
Social: Twitter

Sevyn Streeter might not be a familiar name but your favorite singer probably knows about this prolific R&B & pop songwriter. Ms. Streeter is moving back from behind the scene to font and center with her debut EP, Call Me Crazy. Streeter shows chart potential with Call Me Crazy; but the former TG4 and RichGirl member will need to figure out how to distinguish herself if she really wants to hold on to the spotlight in her solo career.

Call Me Crazy starts off with a banger: “B.A.N.S.” (B*tch Ass N*ggas Sh*t). This auto-tuned track is both sexy slow wind and sassy head rolling inducing. The realness of the lyrics—“I shoulda used protection…. N*ggas be on that bullshit, got us lookin’ foolish, can’t keep lettin’ em do this… B*tch ass n*gga… One minute callin’ us baby next minute callin’ us crazy. B*tch ass Niggas.. and you said it’s all in my head…”—reminds listeners of Keyshia Cole’s rawness. But the vocals on this track, and much of the album, sound like Keri Hilson, LeToya Luckett, and many other decent sounding R&B singers who’ve come and gone over the last decade. This song can easily become every hood chicks’ anthem but trying to remember who sings the song might be a struggle 5 or even just 1 year from now.

The title track, “Call Me Crazy,” and others such as “Come On Over” and “Shattered” show Sevyn’s vocal range. No one can deny that Ms. Streeter can sing. But all the tracks on this EP remind listeners of contemporary R&B singers. There’s no signature sound; there’s just singing. Being a good singer will be good for features and hooks on other artists’ projects; a good, non-distinctive voice can be the downfall for a solo artist, however.

Sevyn Streeter is without a doubt a talented singer and songwriter. But it takes more than talent to standout in the music industry as a solo artist. When you hear Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Mariah Carey, Aalyiah, hell even Ashanti, you KNOW it’s them; these ladies can sing but they also have a sound that’s very much unique to them.  At present, Sevyn’s sound and look is a little too familiar and common to make a huge splash on the scene. But with that said, I’m going to text my homegirls right now to put them on B.A.N.S.

Wishing Sevyn Streeter nothing but growth and success!

Rating: B+

Best Tracks: B.A.N.S., It Won’t Stop

Call Me Crazy: Track 1- B.A.N.S.

Call Me Crazy: Track 4- It Won’t Stop featuring Chris Brown


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