LISTEN to These Three Essential Albums from February 2016 That You Probably Slept On [FULL STREAMS + ALBUM REVIEWS]


This year is really turning out to be an amazing one for music.  New releases by Kendrick Lamar and Anderson .Paak have already disrupted the internet in ways we haven’t seen in quite a while.  With that in mind, we (via soulhead contributor Greg Harmon) wanted to provide a list of the records from last month that you may have missed that you need in your life.   Check out our picks below:
Lion Babe - Begin Album ArtLION BABE – Begin
Released: February 5, 2016

From the first time I heard “Treat Me Like Fire”, my radar was up & running while I patiently anticipated this debut album from LION BABE.

The NYC duo which consists of the funky Lucas Goodman & the absolutely stunning Jillian Hervey (she gets it from her momma, Vanessa L. Williams) brings us an album that will make you dance & groove for sure.

Songs such as “Impossible, Jump Hi” featuring Childish Gambino and a smooth Nina Simone sample on the chorus, sets the party off right, while “Wonder Woman & Got Body” will make the ladies raise their hand & testify to the lyrics indeed. The one track that I am totally in love with is “On The Rocks.”  Jillian’s vocals on this track are so sultry, so mysterious & then when the chorus comes around, it’s simplistic genius. With Jillian’s vocals & Lucas’ creative sound; they compliment each very well for this to be a solid album.

Rating: B+
Our favorites: Jump Hi, Where Do We Go, Impossible, On The Rocks, Treat Me Like Fire

Stream the album below:

Waking Astronomer - Psych Army Intergalactic Album ReviewWaking Astronomer – Psych Army Intergalactic
Released:  February 5, 2016

If you love Hiatus Kaiyote and The Internet, you will definitely love Waking Astronomer. This eclectic trio from Atlanta consists of Alexa Lima, Lead Vocalist Afua Richardson and their producer Deku. who have devised a wonderful mixture of soul, Jazz & even a touch of Drum & Bass on this 8 track EP.

“Bottles” kicks things off with its haunting bassline and Afua’s opening verse “Lost In The Carolinas…..” and with that simplistic lyric, a groove is created that lasts throughout the entire EP.  Evidence of that is shown on “Graphite” with its fusion jazz-like keys combined with their deceptive & earthly drums.

“Sea Of Memories” is a beautiful ballad that truly spotlights the group true talents.  That statement can be said about the entire album.  Finding this album was another great surprise not only for soulheads like us but for the music game as well.

Rating:  A+
Our favorite tracks: Sea Of Memories, Rubber, Br’er Rabbit

Stream the album below:

bj-the-chicago-kid-in-my-mind-album-reviewBJ The Chicago Kid – In My Mind
Released: February 19, 2016

First and foremost, BJ The Chicago Kid can SANG!!!!!  His sophomore album In My Mind is clear evidence to my statement.  From touring all Summer long with Jill Scott on her Woman Tour, BJ has put in work in the studio to follow up on his critically acclaimed 2012 Pineapple Now-Laters debut album.

“Man Down” and “Church” featuring Chance The Rapper set the tone on how he succeeds in combining the sounds from the streets and the gospel in his amazing voice. “Love Inside” is one of the most sensual and simple songs we have heard in quite a while.  It is simply one verse that he repeats throughout the entire song:

“I want you to feel the……Love I have inside me……Inside you Tonight……

and that would usually anger us but because of that voice, we can’t get annoyed because he pulled it off.

Throughout this effort, you will have conflict with yourself because you can’t pinpoint if you love this record because of his musical creativity that is evident on tracks like “Shine” and “Heart Crush.”  It could also be due to his voice on tracks like “Wait Til The Morning,” “Jeremiah/World Needs Love,” and “Woman’s World” that leaves the listener absolutely stunned.

Rating:  A
Our favorite tracks: Church, Love Inside, Heart Crush, Jeremiah/The World Needs Love, Woman’s World, Crazy

Stream the album below:

See you next month

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