LISTEN to Snoh Aalegra’s Soulful “Don’t Explain” EP #ICYMI [FULL STREAM + REVIEW]

A few weeks ago, we randomly saw the new iPhone 6 commercial by Apple featuring a rainy windshield, windshield wipers and THIS!!!!! Good Lord! It seems like advertisers have been really doing their best to inject some serious soul into the mix and we are happier for it.  A few years back, Ray Lamontagne’s “Trouble” was featured in a touching Traveler’s insurance commercial and, since then, it seems like a lot of brands are getting in on the action.

In this case, we were introduced to the sexy vocals of Swedish soul singer, Snoh Aalegra, who dropped her EP, “Don’t Explain” back in April. Although we really dig the commercial’s lead track “In Your River,” we really enjoyed the chill sound which felt like a stew of Esthero mixed with a touch of Portishead, a little Sade and even a pinch of Amy Winehouse. Indeed, she is in good company.

While “In Your River” is the standout track on this EP, there are some serious bangers on this impressive effort. We really enjoyed the groove and subtlety of “Home,” the lushness of the title track “Don’t Explain,” the eerie blues notes of “Under The Influence” (Parts I and II), and the sexy texture of the final track, “Chaos.”

This record has all of the elements one seeks in an artist that is clearly hungry and smart. Again, we are super happy to have discovered this through unconventional means but will pay more attention (maybe) to commercials in the future. If artists like Snoh Aalegra are choosing this path, we may need to put that remote down.

Rating: A-
Best Tracks: In Your River, Home, Don’t Explain

More About Snoh Aalegra

Watch Apple’s iPhone 6 Ad featuring Snoh Aalegra’s “In Your River”

Listen to the full EP, “Don’t Explain”

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