The Veldt – Resurrection Hymns [FULL STREAM]

We are too excited to bring you new music by underground legends, The Veldt.  Black rock nerds like us remember when these brothers came on the scene.  At that time (1992-1994), gangster rap had pretty much taken over the modern airwaves so it really took a lot of cojones for these twin brothers, Daniel and Danny Chavis, to even think they could make it.   Despite the tough market, the two persevered and help revolutionize underground music forever!

Now, they are on board with a really cool musical movement, Square Peg Music, which is described on Bandcamp as follows:

This community is a brain-child of few ambitious/ passionate people who have decided to add new a dimension to the underground music scene. Our forum ( is a repository of various resources which can be highly beneficial for new artists, bands who want to thrive in the music industry, albeit in the underground scene.

Dig this? Then support this project and buy the album!

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