Lil Kim featuring Young Jeezy – “Keys to the City” – FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + REVIEW

The Original (and she clearly wants you to know that) Queen B, Lil Kim returns to the scene with this mixtape inspired tale of cocaine slangin. (Yawn)  While we were happy to hear from Kim, we were struck by the redundancy of her delivery and believability of the content.  Are we really to believe that the kneeless (see overly touched cover photo above) Queen is buying keys for “under 20(k)” and distributing?  Really?   Other than the lack of lyrical content, we thought the track was just Aight!  Jeezy added his usual hot sauce, but it wasnt enough to rescue this disposable return.  Cop it if you are  a die-hard, but pray for Kim to hire a new music director or production team.  This ain’t gonna knock her nemesis, Nicki Minaj, off her throne anytime soon.

That said, we fully support Kim’s return and hope she can dig a bit deeper than the played out “cocaine” flow that used to be cool a LOOONG time ago.  Let’s hear some more creativity and diversity.  You can do it and we’d love to assit in that effort.  Kim, if you’re reading this, hit us up.  We want you to win!

Grade: C+

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