Remy Ma Explains Her True Motivation Behind Nicki Minaj Monster Diss “Shether” on the Wendy Williams Show

Fat Joe and Remy Ma Discussing Nicki Minaj Diss Record "Shether"

Dressed like she was attending a funeral (apparently for Nicki Minaj’s career) and speaking in nearly hushed tones, Remy Ma appeared on gossip queen Wendy Williams’ self titled daytime talk show this past Friday.  While on the couch, she and rap partner, rap legend Fat Joe, discussed their new LP, Plata O Plomo (which by the way is FIRE!!!), the Grammy Awards as well as the hottest topic in hip-hop right now, Remy’s Nicki Minaj diss track “Shether”.  Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard the aforementioned 7 minute take down of Ms. Minaj.   The track deftly samples Nas’s “Ether” from his epic beef with Jay-Z and is a pressure cooker of batter rhymes seemingly based in reality.  From speaking about Nicki’s failed relationship with Meek Mill to butt injections, it is clear that Remy did her research.  The song, along with the resulting silence and drama has made this one of the most intense rap beefs in recent memory.


When asked about her motivation for writing the diss, Remy responded that while Nicki has had a history of dissing female artists in general and specifically (e.g. Lil Kim, Mariah Carey), it was actually some of the behind the scenes maneuvering that was being done.  Remy points to alleged acts like Nicki attempting to keep Remy “off red carpets,” or threatening not to attend awards shows if Remy was there and many other accusations were really the impetus behind the scathing remarks in “Shether.”  When asked if she was waiting for Nicki to respond, she confirmed that her track was in response to Nicki’s recent record with Gucci Mane “Make Love” where she allegedly tells Remy to “stay in her bum ass place.”  Shrugged off as “wack” by Remy, she said she is not expected a response, which could be the case since “Shether” was released more than a week ago.   Although Foxy Brown recently released her a snippet of her response track “Breaks Over,” it has not garnered the same attention as a Nicki Minaj response would.   Perhaps Remy is right and we should all stop waiting for an explicit retort.  Given the thoroughness of the original track, it may be Nicki’s best bet to let this go or potentially end up like her ex, Meek, in his failed battle with Drake.

Finally, toward the end of the interview, Wendy asked about Remy’s garb, which she had initially described as mistress like clothing.  In response, Remy offered, apparently referring to Nicki Minaj’s career, “My grandmother told me to never speak ill of the dead.”  YIKES!!!

In case you haven’t heard Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s new LP, Plata O Plomo, you can stream it here.

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