The Art of 16 Bars (Hip Hop Documentary)

We love this dope full documentary on THE MC, The Art of 16 Bars. The lyrical part of Hip Hop. For the first time, the worlds hottest MCs show you how to do it. From free styling and writing to how you hold the Mic and how to deal with being on tour. Features: Barry Bergman,Loco Gringo,Jadakiss,Jay-Z,KRS-One,Talib Kweli,MC Lyte,Method Man,Kool Moe Dee,Rakim,Twista, and Kanye West. Narrated by: Method Man.

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After watching this film I am left wondering why this film isn’t getting more attention? This film breaks down the art of the rhyme better then anything I’ve seen out there. What’s really scary is that a film so positive in it’s messages and meaning could be so ignored. Yeah, I know it’s not Beef but come on, this is a great film. Great insights and interviews, Methods narration is funny and insightful, and it’s entertaining as hell! Can’t we support something positive? You’re missing out if you don’t peep this title. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to MC, let me re-phrase that, It’s a must for anyone who wants to MC. After watching it inspired me to put down some hot 16’s.

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