Listen to Vonny Del Fresco’s “Daylight” From His Forthcoming Album “Memoirs” [FULL STREAM] @whatsupvonny


Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vonny Del Fresco is a young artist with promise. His lyric-oriented tracks produce a chill sound that’s hard not to vibe to. While his first project, After It All, dropped a year ago, it seems Del Fresco is ready to take the next step in the development of his artistry. His latest single “Daylight” demonstrates a maturation process that’s surely only the beginning. His next full-length project is titled Memoirs and is set to drop later this year.

Check out “Daylight” by Vonny Del Fresco below.

[Update: Vonny Del Frisco’s new album Memoirs is available now and can be streamed here.]

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