Eminem Bares All in “Guts Over Fear” ft Sia [FULL DOWNLOAD]

Eminem Guts Over Fear Ft SiaEminem Bares All in “Guts Over Fear” ft Sia. The top-selling MC of all time has this new song that, in prototypical Marshall fashion, is autobiographical and authentic.

As most of Eminem’s song, this number does not shy away from his feelings. He is honest about how tired the industry has been, and how he feels like his music sometimes plateaus, saying that he “makes the same songs”. And, again, true to form, the story is told with his rap cadence of fast punches of snappy verses and more melodic bits of slow talking. What really brings this track together is Sia’s chorus. The “Titanium” singer has her usual vocal acrobatics here although, admittedly not as high flying as in her single “Chandelier”.

Check out the full track below the jump. And download it!

Eminem Bares All in “Guts Over Fear” ft Sia

Full download here.

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