In Memoriam : Dr. Maya Angelou 04/04/1928 – 05/28/2014 @DrMayaAngelou

Maya Angelou

Today a legend became immortal. Dr. Maya Angelou has moved beyond the earthly phase and her soul has made its journey on. While as a site we dedicate most news and information to soul musicians, it is without a doubt that the strength and power of soul music is anchored deep in not just its words but its meaning. Truly, there was no lyricist greater than she in her generation. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is the epitome of autobiographical imagery that would become the bedrock of all the MCs we know as legends today. Moreover, the struggles for freedom which she fought in public and private ways is what gave birth to the need for soul anthems. She encapsulated Black excellence as an alternative to the existing paradigm, and in her Blackness she held all: color, gender, sexuality, social status, beauty.

Today we honor this immortal. Hear the beauty of her words as she recites her own poem “Phenomenal Woman”.

In Memoriam : Dr. Maya Angelou 04/04/1928 – 05/28/2014. We know that the Caged Bird is now set free.

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