Drew – Plus One ft. Robert Lux [FULL SONG STREAM] @drewsings

Drew - Plus One

Drew is an adult contemporary R&B artist who is lighting up the soundboards with her melodic sound. Having had the experience as a record label executive, she has turned singer-songwriter and we are all the better for it! Stream this song here.

More from ArtistDirect:

“The expression ‘plus one’ was inspired by the wedding invitations that still trickle in from my younger husband’s friends and less romantically, by the decade or so that I spent on music industry guest lists or pretending to be on the list by saying I was the ‘plus one’ of whichever high-profile boss I was working for at the time,” Drew told us. “The idea of a plus one as a stand-alone entity, the wing-man or road dog, seemed to be an inclusive, modern way of expressing the idea of being someone’s main squeeze. The term doesn’t sweat the details of old-fashioned titles. It’s broader than that, which is why I wrote that this is ‘more than a love song.’ For me the words, plus one, and the two symbols + and 1, express the grimy truth of what it means to honor and cherish someone until death do you part, not in a Jane Austen novel or a Disney movie, but in the real world.” FULL ARTICLE


Drew – Plus One

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