Cut To… Bridget Kelly by @theycallmeBK Album Review by Victoria Shantell @MsAnomalous

Cut To… Bridget Kelly Album Review by Victoria ShantrellTitle: Cut To… Bridget Kelly EP
Artist: Bridget Kelly
Label: Roc Nation
Genre(s): R&B / Pop
Released: December 10, 2013
Social: Twitter

Cut to… Beyonce Knowles. I’m just playing, but Mrs. Carter sure did do a disservice to anyone dropping new music last week, which includes Bridget Kelly. Cut To… Bridget Kelly is the New York native’s second EP and although it is a decent collection of work, Bridget is suffering from the same issue as her peer, Sevyn Streeter: originality.

Cut to… Bridget Kelly includes 6 love-sex-relationship themed tracks. No two songs sound the same but there’s something about the album that falls a little flat. Bridget Kelly goes for a more mature sound than many of her contemporaries, which is a plus; however, there’s nothing overtly impressive. As we’ve seen before, Bridget Kelly is another good singer but there’s nothing distinguishing her from the likes of Jazmine Sullivan or Melanie Fiona, other than the fact that they came and went and she’s just coming on to the scene.

Listeners will appreciate some of the tracks on the EP. Yet, there’s nothing that will compel them to shell out their hard earned cash as soon as the album drops or head to venues to see her perform. With that said, however, there are a couple of standout tracks: “Friends.” and the lead single “Special Delivery.” Kelly seems to put more passion—a characteristic that’s messing throughout the EP—into those songs.  If her upcoming album is composed of songs more like “Special Delivery” rather than “Goosebumps” or “Coca1n3 Heartbreak,” than she might have something good on her hands.

This is a hard time to be a female R&B-pop singer. Technology can make anyone sound decent and plastic surgery and makeup can make most folks look good so to make a mark in this industry, you have to come harder than ever before. Beyonce came with a one of a kind voice, range and versatility, and a musical video for each song. If Bridget Kelly or any of her new peers want to get notice they will have to step up with more passion, more hard work, and more originality or else they’ll stay in the background.

Bridget Kelly’s debut album is supposedly titled Something Different; we’re hoping that she delivers. Good luck Ms. Kelly!

Rating: B

Best Tracks: Friends., Special Delivery

Cut To… Bridget Kelly: Track 1- Special Delivery

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