Stevie Wonder – Innervisions – Promo – In Studio Performance + Interview 1973 [VIDEO]

Stevie Wonder

After learning that Steve Wonder was in a coma following a car accident in 1973 around the time of his Innervisions album release, we began looking for footage around that time.  We discovered this amazing rare in-studio performance and interview and had to share it with all of you.  Enjoy.

More details from YouTube’s xtc4uxtc


1. On The Flipside
2. All Is Fair In Love
3. Fine Young Thing
4. Superstition

This promotional video was made in 1973 just before Stevie Wonder released his Innervisions album. I’m assuming this was made for TV, but I don’t know much more.  “On The Flipside” and “Fine Young Thing” are unreleased jams!

Sorry for the video quality. I bought this on the street in the East Village, NYC on VHS for $20 back in the mid-90’s. 🙂


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