THEESatisfaction – And That’s Your Time ALBUM FULL STREAM

Artist: THEESatisfaction Title: And That’s Your Time Genre: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronica Hood: Seattle, Washington USA Social: Twitter Facebook After releasing a couple dedication LPs which we brought you, this Seattle, Washington duo, THEESatisfaction, continues building and growing on their latest project, And That’s Your Time, which was released earlier today via Bandcamp. The project showcases the group’s soulful electronic soundscape and smoky, mysterious vocals. The project begins with an atmospheric intro that bleeds nicely into a Bob James assisted groove, Queen Country, aided by Gift Uh Gab and JusMoni. Although the next two tracks Morrison Hurston Butler Hooks and Five Things: Uncle Tom Foolery seem a bit weird and frankly unfinished, we like how they rebound with the melodious and jazzy Seattle’s Restraining Order Against the Sun . One of our favorite tracks is Martin, which features some interesting spoken word over a what seems to be a layered chant of some kind supplemented by super funky conga drumming. While it becomes a bit tedious, the groove is strong. The album ends with the moody (and slightly angry) Moon God and Pre-Racial, a classy instrumental which ends with the phrase “The Obama Plantation.” So, overall, the album feels very mid-late 90’s downtempo mixed with a soulful undercurrent. Unfortunately, we really miss a well written song from beginning to end here. Most of these tracks feel unfinished and overly experimental for our taste. Many seem like a good start but need more time in the oven to be fully baked. Rating: B Favorite Tracks: Queen Country


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