Fantasia- Side Effects of You Album Review by Victoria Shantrell Asbury

Fantasia Side Effects of You Album Cover

Title: To Dust
Artist: Fantasia
Label: RCA Records
Genre(s): Soul, R&B,
Released: April 19, 2013

Nothing creates good music like drama and heartbreak. Fantasia’s Side Effects of You consists all of thee above.

Side Effects of You has a solid start with “Supernatural Love,” featuring the young southern sensation Big K.R.I.T. Fantasia’s often raspy voice is smooth and strong as she sings about a powerful love. The album continues with several quality tracks. Showing that Side Effects is an album for women, Fantasia includes a humorous, yet honest “Girl Talk” interlude featuring one of the most hood divas in the game right now: Ms. K. Michelle; the interlude is followed up by “Without me” which features Fantasia, Kelly Rowland and Missy asking a lover “where would you be without me.”

The title track  is a heartfelt ballad in which Fantasia sings of a man as if he were a drug. This track marks a shift in the tone of the album; the album speeds up a bit after this song. “Change Your Mind” is one of the best up-tempo tracks on the second half of the album. Side Effects of You closes with “In Deep,” a passionate song that shows although Fantasia’s been burned by love, she’s still an addict.

Side Effects of You is well-sung, well-produced and free from serious critique. What I appreciate most about the album is Fantasia’s ability to talk about the drama she’s experienced with love without sounding overly jaded; many R&B singers do not have such mastery of balance.

Rating: A

Tracks We Like: Supernatural Love, Change Your Mind, Lose to Win, In Deep

Extra: Fantasia Talks About Side Effects of You

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