Hiatus Kaiyote – Tawk Tomahawk FULL ALBUM STREAM + REVIEW

Hiatus Kaiyote

Artist: Hiatus Kaiyote
Title: Tawk Tomahawk
Released: April 1, 2012
Hood: Melbourne, Australia
Social: Facebook Twitter YouTube

Before we say anything else, we have to say that albums and sounds like this are why we do what we do. This album by abstract soul group, Hiatus Kaiyote, bubbled up to us from soulhead Akiima Price from Washington, D.C., who put us on to this incredible group from the Land Down Under, Melbourne, Australia, to be specific. Although nearly a year old, it is clearly new to us and, we imagine, many of you.

From the first notes of the lead off song, Mobius Streak, we were mesmorized by the vocals and the interplay with the fresh aggressively funky and soulful tracks. There is definitely an abstract, experimental jazz sound on several tracks but that does not take away from the overall enjoyability or cohesiveness of the project. Honestly, this blew us away like future soul purveyors like 4Hero, Kaidi Tatham and cats from West London.  It also has shades of Portishead, Little Dragon, and Esthero for those of you familiar.  If Aussies are this funky, we have to make a trip there very soon.

Rating: A

Favorite Tracks: Mobius Streak, The World It Softly Lulls, Ocelot, Lace Skull, Rainbow Rhodes, Nakamarra

Stream here:

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