T-Boz Returns with Inspirational Champion Single FULL STREAM + FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

t-boz-championTLC vet, T-Boz, is back and looking more beautiful than ever for her new uplifting single, Champion, which was released today.  This mid tempo tune showcases T-Boz’s soft and very recognizable voice.  The melodies are somewhat sparse but support the driving drum track nicely.  Check this one out and support T-Boz on this latest chapter.

T-Boz-Champion photoLyrics:

Verse 1:
They got you down, you’re crying out, so close to giving up
Feeling weak, trying to breathe, they pushed your heart enough
Don’t have to take, it anymore, girl you were raised too tough
So, show them you’re a fighter and put on your boxing gloves

Pre Chorus:
It seems they under-estimated you again
Show Them What You’re Made Of (x2)
Don’t let them think they got the upper hand again
Show Them What You’re Made Of (x2)

Any war, you can win, if you stay strong
(Baby you’re a Champion, Believe that you’re a Champion)

Nothing is impossible for you to overcome
(If you can seek a “Champion”, Baby you’re a Champion)

Verse 2:
You’re feeling lost, darkness falls, and you keep stumbling
Trying to find, peace of mind, the walls are closing in
Don’t have to just surrender, girl you were raised to win
Keep on fighting back, just keep on struggling

Pre Chorus


Trust Me, I’ve walked a thousand miles in every pair of shoes that you own (You’re Not Alone)
In your darkest days, don’t be afraid. Just keep standing strong,
My Champion!

Chorus (x2)

Listen here:


To Download Paste “http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DU1uceAdPbM” here.


or[amazon_link id=”B00B4BBJQI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]BUY[/amazon_link] here.

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