New Nicki Minaj Video “Super Bass” is Pretty Sexy

We know, we know…this video is not the most soulful per se.  But, we do love Nicki and most of what we have heard so far.  This video is a visual delight and eye candy for the ladies and gents without being too smutty.  We like the cute and playful nature of the feature but wish the guys had a few more clothes on (read:  we need to do some ab work).

According to  “In the clip, Nicki’s pursuing the guy that makes her heart go boom in a land filled with ice, snow and lots and lots of pink. There are pink wigs, pink drinks and a lovely pool filled with pink water. All of it serves no real purpose but it’s fun and cute and everything Nicki is.”

Anyway, this is for the malls…strictly for the malls….(in our Jermaine DuPree ala XScape Just Kickin intro).


See some behind the scenes footage here:

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