Sade Does a Duet with Jay-Z in her Upcoming Ultimate Collection Album

Despite having rebuked the advances of hip-hop before, Sade has apparently teamed up with hip hop mogul, Jay-Z on her soon to be released Ultimate Collection retrospective. According to, the must-have album will include three new, never-before heard songs including a new version of “Moon & The Sky”, which will feature rapper Jay-Z.

Honestly, we are not sure this will be a good fit. Sade’s groove is sexy and smooth like velvet or silk. Jay-Z, while being an incredible artist, can be a bit more aggressive and appropriately so. In ‘Moon and the Stars’ from the Soldier of Love album, there is possibly some room for an improvisational type verse but even imagining it with the current mix seems awkward. We are curious to see how this will work and how it will sit beside other classics from both iconic artists. We are hopeful but uneasy.

Listen to  Moon and the Sky with Jay-Z here:

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