Raye 6 – “Not Gonna Be Forever” – FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + REVIEW

Artist: Raye 6
Title: Not Gonna Be Forever
Produced by: 8 Bars
From: Brooklyn, New York

We just cannot get this new song by Raye 6 out of our heads. While clearly pop-leaning, this new single pumps and makes you want to get up, dance and sing. We love the lyrics, performance and pretty much everything on this one. Described by some as the female Prince, this Brooklyn-based sister is definitely one to watch and listen to this year and beyond.

Grade: A-

Listen Here:

soulhead founder, Ron Worthy, had the pleasure of meeting Raye 6 earlier this year.

More about Raye 6:

International Pop/Soul artist Raye 6 releases her anticipated new single, “Not Gonna Be (Forever)”, today, Tuesday, April 3, 2012. “Not Gonna Be (Forever)” is available fr download on Itunes/Amazon and over 53 digital sites. This pop infused dance track is produced by 8bars.

“The Raye 6 sound is futuristic, often lifting and blasting you into space.”

Raye 6 is not only defined by talent and beauty. Many have wondered and some have fantasized what a female version of Prince would be like, even Prince tried to create his female prototype but as dope as Sheena Easton was and as sexy as Vanity 6 may have been they all lived in the shadow of their creator, so I introduce to you Raye 6. While comparable to “The Artist” this woman shines in her own light. Erotic, worldly, talented singer, song-writer, producer and performer, Raye 6 has a psychedelic soulful sound accompanied by lyrics written from a woman who has lived and learned. This International Brooklyn based artist’s sound is sensual and demanding, melodic and unapologetic. Audiences let go of their inhibitions when Raye 6 comes into play. Miss 6?s brand is magnetizing, drawing listeners from all facets of life into her Universe 6.

Currently deemed “CBS’s 100 Tattooed Women Of Hollywood” you can read more about Raye 6 in the “New Years Special issue of Glamour Magazine” “Sept ’11 issue of Essence Magazine” and Japan’s No.1 English written Magazine “Metropolis”, Star Magazine, Clam, Life Lounge and Spin Magazine. Raye 6 is known by CMJ as “The woman with the hurricane vocals” her fans say “she exhibits unrepressed creativity with a stage show like no other”. Her top singles include “Universal Lover” produced by The Tribunal and “Misstery” produced by 8 time Grammy nominee Chris Sholar who’s catalog includes production for Beyonce, Jay Z and Kanye’s “Watch The Throne”, Snoop Dogg, A Tribe Called Quest, Ne-Yo and more. Raye 6 has a fan base that spans the US, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Indonesia, Sweden, Malaysia, South Africa and more. Raye 6’s forth coming Ep “Universal Lover” is set for release in second quarter of 2012. In the meantime purchase Raye 6’s music on Billboard, Itunes and Amazon. Check out www.Raye6.com for her latest music video releases from award winning director Lex Lewter of LightUp Film.

This is the Universe of Raye 6.

For those not as familiar with Raye 6, check out these cuts:

Raye 6 – Universal Lover

Raye 6 – Rooms

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