WATCH Anthony Hamilton Blow Away Listeners at NPR’s Tiny Desk

Anthony Hamilton performs live at NPR's Headquarters in Washington, D.C. for Tiny Desk

Anthony Hamilton performs live at NPR’s Headquarters in Washington, D.C. for Tiny Desk

NPR’s Tiny Desk series is one of the best showcases of talent anywhere.  The concerts take place in NPR’s Washington, D.C.’s headquarters and have exposed the World to such amazing talents as Houston’s The Suffers and also put T-Pain‘s real singing chops on display.  If you have not checked out these unconventional performances, which often include alternate instruments and acoustic versions of popular songs, this may just be the time for you to try.  For many years, Southern soul singer Anthony Hamilton has been providing some of the richest and most soulful vocals anywhere so we are very proud to get out the word about his recent set at NPR.

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 • Anthony Hamilton‘s soul sound was refined in the churches of Charlotte, N.C. Watching the Grammy winner perform, you get the hunch that it’s harder for him to keep the soul inside than it is to actually unleash it. What he and his backup singers, The Hamiltones, do would be better classified as a musical purge, with a stage show that can double as couples therapy and church service. Their warm harmonies have the ability to shrink theaters and stadiums, so we knew this intimate setting was perfect for them.

Following a spot at the final In Performance show of the Obama presidency, the singer, The Hamiltones and his band made their way over to our offices to give us a dose of what’s to come, as well as a heavy helping of what fans have grown to love about him. He opens the set with “Amen” — the debut single from his introspective new album, What I’m Feelin’ — and followed it with three songs that have defined his career.

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Set List:

  • “Amen”
  • “Best Of Me”
  • “Cool”
  • “Charlene”


Producers: Bobby Carter, Niki Walker; Audio Engineers: Josh Rogosin, Neil Tevault; Videographers: Niki Walker, Kara Frame, Cameron Robert; Production Assistant: Jackson Sinnenberg; Photo: Brandon Chew/NPR.

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