Beyonce “Self-Titled” Documentary- All Five Parts [VIDEO] @beyonce

Beyonce "Self-Titled" Documentary

Still can’t get enough of Queen B? We can’t! The artist who was a first-mention on our “Best of 2013- As Told By Our Contributors” list, has been releasing a so-called “mini-art” feature in parts in the weeks since the release of her eponymous album, Beyonce. This five-part mini documentary goes in depth to show the logic, creativity, and magic behind the scenes of the “visual album”.

No matter how you might feel about her, this piece provides great insight!

Beyonce “Self-Titled” Documentary

Part 1- The Visual Album

Part 2- Imperfection

Part 3- Run ‘N Gun

Part 4- Liberation

Part 5- Honesty

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