Remembering David Bowie, the Thin White Duke #RIPDavidBowie

Words by Ron Worthy
David Bowie Print by Mark Ashkenazi

The World woke up this morning with the shocking news that one of the most beloved artists of our time had lost his 18-month private battle with cancer.   David Robert Jones, who was more popularly known by his stage name, David Bowie, changed the way the World looked at a musician.  Known for his glamorous and ever changing personna, Bowie embraced change in ways that would inspire multiple generations of artists from Prince, Madonna to Lady Gaga and beyond.

Growing up in the 70’s, I fondly recall Bowie’s music being played alongside classic soul like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye.  His complex rhythms and looks made him seem out of this World to me.  My Godfather is one of his biggest fans and his love for Bowie’s music gave me the strength and motivation to think outside the box when it came to music.  Although we lived in the inner city where most folks did not openly embrace rock music, Bowie was the exception.  Noone could resist the 80’s groove of “Fame”, “Let’s Dance” or “Golden Years” and those tracks along with many others crossed over into urban radio.  It was only later that I learned that one of my favorite singers of all time, Luther Vandross, was a background vocalist on one of Bowie’s classics, “Young Americans.”

It is with a heavy heart that the World must say farewell to this amazing artist who can never be replaced.  His impact on the world of art, music and culture will forever be felt.  We hope you take a moment today to listen to some of the incredible contributions from this man who is a true trendsetter and legend.

Check out some of our favorite tracks below:

“Ground Control to Major Tom”

“China Girl:

“Modern Love”

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