Melanie Fiona Delivers Powerful, Must-Watch Video for New Single “I Tried” [FULL VIDEO] @MelanieFiona


By Justin Chadwick | @justin_chadwick

Although we’re still spinning Melanie Fiona’s wonderful track “Bite the Bullet” here in the soulhead office months after its release, it is the gripping video for her new single “I Tried” that has rendered us speechless.

With Fiona confined within a glass box, she sings of struggle and disillusionment, as images of news headlines spanning now-infamous cases of police brutality, hate crime, domestic abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking appear upon the stark black backdrop. In resurfacing the names of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and Jada, and acknowledging the victims of the recent Charleston, South Carolina church shooting, Fiona implies that the vital stories and broader meaning of their lives must remain within our collective conscience, not to be forgotten with the passage of time. The clip concludes on a hopeful note, with Fiona’s inspired message of perseverance: “For those who have fallen victim to the darkness, we will rise to a new dawn.”


Watch Melanie Fiona’s poignant video for “I Tried” below, and keep your eyes peeled for her forthcoming new album entitled Awake, reportedly due out later this fall.

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