Discover J*DaVeY’s Fantastic New ‘POMP’ EP [Full Stream] @wearejdavey

J*Davey’s New ‘POMP’ EP [Full Stream] @wearejdavey
A few years back, we were simply in a deep trance listening to “Slooow” by J*DaVeY and we are super-excited to listen to this new EP. One of the more exciting groups to come around in quite a while, JD makes us stand up and listen.

Ron Worthy with J*DaVey

soulhead Founder Ron Worthy with J*Davey

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30 minutes, six tracks, two interludes. That’s the math behind J*Davey‘s resurgent POMP EP, their second EP in just as many years. And while technically, there’s barely been any time between releases, this collection of dark disco, electric and avant soul, is one to be reckoned with. We got our first taste of the record with the cosmic boogie of “Strong Anticipation” last month (which was plenty of an appetizer) but today we’re getting the full script via NPR’s First Listen. Standouts include the buoyant, 8-bit touched “LIBIDO,” the hazy, four-to-the-floor funk of “High On Life” and the album’s very N.E.R.D meets Iggy Pop closer “For Love.” Though it’s still not the full-length we’ve all been waiting, wishing and dreaming of, POMP is about as dynamic a 6-track set as you can imagine and is certainly worth the 30 minutes and change of your devoted attention. FULL ARTICLE


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