The Full Luke James Album is Here! [FULL STREAM] @whoisLukeJames

The Full Luke James Album is Here

The Full Luke James Album is Here!

Yes, after all of this time, our Top Artist to Watch of 2014 has alas released his new album. Luke James, for those still figuring out who he is, is a NOLA-bred, turned LA-transplant who is literally breathing fresh air into R&B. After being the headliner for the internationally celebrated Mrs. Carter Show, Luke James has been steadily plucking away at his new album. The man who brought us 2012’s genius EP Whispers in the Dark, has now released his first solo album, which is self-titled. At the start of the summer, we gave you his song “Options” which was sung masterfully and featured a verse from Uncle Rick Ross. The album itself is sparing of any duets or features, and frankly we are glad for it. That just means more of the voice of the man that reminds of Marvin Gaye of this day and age.

Stream the full album below. And don’t stop there- go buy it too!

The Full Luke James Album is Here!

Buy Here

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