Further on the Rise : Unlocking The Truth [ALBUM PREORDER + FULL VIDEO] @UTTBand

You Need to Know About Them : Unlocking the Truth

Teenagers are often maligned figures in society. What with their angsty moments and awkward social interactions, teenagers– especially middle aged school teenagers– don’t really get much of the credit they are due. Indeed, it is always the younger generation whom, of necessity, usher in new tastes and sounds for the rest of us. Never could that case be more clear than with Unlocking The Truth.

Last year soulhead we first presented the boys as they were building steam, and they have not stopped moving since! These boys contrast sharply- in all of the right ways- from what you  think about when you think of Black boy bands. Unlocking the Truth is a Brooklyn based teen metal band, and these boys are serious about their craft. Playing heavy metal music for half of their young lives, they know how to really energize a crowd. Comprised of guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins, and drummer Jarad Dawkins, the band is poised to revolutionize metal music. While the boys don’t do much singing, they do have some vocal tracks, which will indeed get better in time. Playing festivals since last year (including Coachella), they will be a featured band at this year’s Afro Punk. They have just launched a pledge campaign for their debut album which you can support here. It has even just been announced that they will be the subject of a Sony produced documentary!

Check out this video of them playing Austin, TX “Heart of Austin” fest this summer and prepare to be blown away.
Further on The Rise : Unlocking The Truth

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