Unlocking the Truth – Mini Documentary + Commentary by Ron Worthy

Unlocking the Truth

A few months back, the entire soulhead.com crew went to Hank’s Bar to check out a new band of young cats (no, really young like pre-teens) from Brooklyn, NY called Unlocking the Truth.  Like many, I had seen the videos and YouTube and was really interested in hearing them live.  A friend of the site, Brian Grosz, had told us about the show and we headed over to the show after a Nets game.

Whether you like metal or not, these kids are a sight to see and a sonic boom to behold.  I use the term “kid” loosely because they are really rocking like touring veterans.  The riffs and the arrangement were simply amazing for musicians of any age.  And frankly, their form of metal is super soulful!

Again, these guys are so talented that you have to appreciate the skill and the passion it takes to create music from scratch despite being teased by your peers and misunderstood by many in the community in which you live.

Growing up, I felt much of the same feelings as these young men feel.  Sure, I loved soul music, but also really dug the grittiness of hard rock and even metal…yes, METAL!  So, when I watched this video and read the accompanying story, I had to represent for all of those young brothers out there trying to do something different.  Let the haters hate and you just keep on steppin to the beat of your own drum!  Kudos to Malcolm, Alec and Jarad for Unlocking The Truth!

Here is another great performance:

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