Rare Unheard Tupac Conversation With Sanyika Shakur

Tupac and Sanyika Shakur

In celebrating the birthday of Tupac, we must share this rare, private conversation recently made public between the legendary rapper and equally radical Crip turned Black nationalist, Sanyika Shakur. This video really does show us why we love Tupac. Indeed, his music was brilliant, but it was the commitment he had for the uplift of his community and his people that made him a star.

This conversation took place in early 1995 before the filming of the “California Love” video. These two venerated men of the West Coast Urban Culture speak about their dreams, goals, and hopes for revitalizing the hood. It also mentions some projects that at the time were new (like Juice) and some previously uknown directors, like Antoine Fuqua.

Dig the full conversation below and really fall back in love with Pac.

Rare Unheard Tupac Conversation With Sanyika Shakur

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