Did Drake Diss Diddy at NBA All Star Weekend? @drake @iamdiddy

According to TMZ:

Drake sure has balls … hijacking the mic from one of the founding fathers of modern hip hop during the NBA All-Star weekend.

Drake and Diddy were at Metropolitan club in New Orleans … along with Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Hart and Fabolous … when Drake broke out his tune, “Worst Behavior.”

Diddy joined in … and Drake pulled a Kanye on the rap mogul.

Drake is the matador and Diddy is the bull … and it’s dangerous to toy with bulls.

Watch for yourself. As TMZ mentions above, during a recent performance of his song, Worst Behavior, Drake grabs the mic from Puffy AKA Diddy, who was playing the hype man. As it turns out, Drake’s mic had gone dead and in order to keep the flow, he had to grab the mic from Diddy. Even though Diddy seems a bit surprised and even put off slightly, he does’t miss a beat and picks up the dead mic. Honestly, kudos to both of these cats for keeping a potential petty incident behind delivering a great performance. Puffy is a business…man and just kept it moving. Drake, who was performing HIS song, took the reigns to be sure the audience could hear what they paid for. It’s that simple folks. So, NO, Drake DID NOT diss Puffy.


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