Pharrell Williams – My World: Pharrell Williams & Friends

Pharrell Williams

In just a few weeks time, Pharell will take to the Oscar stage as a nominee for best original song. But in the interim, here is a massive compilation of the hits this man has been making in 2013.


“Just when I thought it was over. I’m very proud of the job Nylles of and I have done with our “The Other Side Of The Planet” collection, and I’ll always give thanks to those who supported us along the way. One of the best things that I’ve enjoyed about this project is that no matter if it is today or two years from now, there’s a possibility that someone who’s never heard of Pharrell and/or Chad will find this collection and learn from it. The fact that it’s still being shared via Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and even word of mouth is very humbling and cool to me. So it was only right that Nylles and I cap this collection off with a collection of new music form the one they call “Skateboard P.” Pharrell has had an EXTREMELY busy 2013, from “Despicable Me 2? to his work with Daft Punk. He truly is “The Alchemist”, and even with over 20-plus years in the music industry, he shows no sign of slowing down. I approached Nylles with the idea of giving this one more go around, one last hurrah before we close this book for good and move on. And he came through like only Nylles could. So here it is, Pharrell Williams in 2013. And if there’s anything you can learn from this, it’s the fact that “you can do it too.”


That said, you can download Pharrell Williams – My World: Pharrell Williams & Friends here. What a treat!

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