Q&A with Sava8e S3vyn @sav8ges3vyn

Q&A with Sava8e S3vyn @sav8ges3vyn
We recently brought you a wonderful self titled mixtape from Milwaukee, Wisconsin duo, Sava8e S3vyn.  Based on the overwhelming response, we had to get with them to get more details on them and their sound.  Peep our exchange below:

soulhead:  How long have you been making music?

Sava8e S3vyn:  Together,we have been making music for about a year and a half now.

soulhead:  What’s the goal of the Sav8ge S3vyn Mixtape?

Sava8e S3vyn:  The goal of this mixtape is to get ourselves out here in the community.  We want people to grow to know us,and join us on or journey to wellness of the mind,body and spirit.

soulhead:  When Beyonce released Beyonce many began touting the album as a “feminist manifesto.”

Sava8e S3vyn:  We believe Beyonce is simply Beyonce, minding her business and making her music.  She’s sharing her talent with the world the way she desires,people are always going to add their personal perceptions.

soulhead:  What are your thoughts on the power of music?

Sava8e S3vyn:  Music is very powerful. You can tell because just by hearing a simple rhythm or melody, it causes you to move.  Now just imagine the type of power it has when you put a message to it.

soulhead:  What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop/R&B music?

Sava8e S3vyn:  The purpose of hip hop in the first place was to send a message to the world about things that needed attention in the ghetto.  Now, it has become something more focused on one aspect like jewelry, ho’s, and killing.  As far as R&B, in many cases, it’s the same, but we are seeing now that more and more even though they are mostly underground, we are hearing more conscious music

soulhead:  What are the challenges/benefits of being an indie artist in 2014?

Sava8e S3vyn:  The challenges and the benefits go hand in hand.  We are blessed to have people support us and really mean it.  It is also a strengthening process.  We have a message we want people to hear, see, feel and live.  It’s more than just music and being an “artist”.  It’s about fulfilling a purpose.  Music is no separate from day to day living.

soulhead:  Please decode Overstand Eye.

Sava8e S3vyn:  Muahahahahahahahaha…..in due time,many songs will be “decoded.  Until then, we like for the listener to just listen.  They’re sure to find something they can relate with…or even something they are looking to explore more .

soulhead:  In what ways do you think your sexuality or preference—we are assuming Ether is a lesbian based her lyrics—has or will impact your musical career?

Sava8e S3vyn:   We create labels to make ourselves feel comfortable and to also help us understand some things.  People like people, whether they choose to accept it or acknowledge it.  As far as how it is has impacted us, we have had positive feedback

soulhead:  Who do you look up to musically? Why?

Sava8e S3vyn: We look up to all that enlighten and lift up and those that do this from the heart because thats whats real.  We are open to work with them all.


(In case you didn’t hear their self-titled mix tape, download it here)


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