sav8ge s3vyn – Sav8ge S3vyn Mixtape [FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD] @sav8ges3vyn

Artist: Sav8ge S3vyn
Title: Sav8ge S3vyn Mixtape
Hood: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Genre: Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop
Released: January 2, 2014
Social: Twitter Facebook

We dig this hot new duo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Funky and soulful, this mixtape deserves a listen.

More about sav8ge s3vyn from Bandcamp:
sav8ge s3vyn is a duo of two women based in Milwaukee,WI. The group formed a year ago,with a goal of bringing new life into the music.With their down to earth, positive, educational and uplifting music, they plan to change the world one song at a time.They cannot be labeled. They create powerful music under every genre, and embody all in which they share through their music. A force in the making!

[bandcamp width=350 height=786 album=2992711209 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708]

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