Yolanda Be Cool – To Be Alone ft Omar [SINGLE] FULL STREAM @yolandabecool @omarlyefookMBE

Artist: Yolanda Be Cool featuring Omar
Title: To Be Alone
Hood: Biondi, Australia/London, UK
Label: Nurvous Records
Genre(s): Soul, Pop, Electronica, Dance
Released: October 15, 2013
Social: Facebook Twitter

We are always happy to hear that one of our all time favorite artist (and people) Omar is busy at work.  Thanks to him, we now have a new favorite, Yolanda Be Cool (hot name).   Hailing from Bondi, Australia, Yolanda Be Cool possesses a sexy vocal texture and vibe that pulls you in closer.   And closer is where you want to be..closer to the subtle melodies and backing groove that power this hot track.  When Omar lays his legendary baritone down, our nodding intensifies as the beat swells and we can only envision the late nights and early mornings that will provide the ideal context for this artistry.

Kudos to everyone involved! This will be filling floors for sure. Enjoy!

More from Soundcloud:

‘To Be Alone’ has been plucked from the acclaimed ‘Ladies and Mentalmen’ LP for a series of remixes in this new release on NY-based stalwart Nurvous Records, showcasing Australian production powerhouses Yolanda Be Cool in a light to which some may not yet be accustomed.

A moment of calm amidst the dancefloor onslaught of Yolanda Be Cool’s recent LP, the original of To Be Alone is something of a slow burner; oozing chill-out vibes and hinting more towards the afterparty. Nevertheless, one senses that the emotive vocals running through the track could lend themselves to something more upbeat and it’s with this in mind that Yolanda’s own refix announces itself with faster-paced beats, clubby bass notes and some Old Skool rave stabs to finish the job off.

If this is where the euphoria’s at, then look no further than the Critical Mess remix for an altogether darker, more brooding take; Omar’s soulful vocals are used sparingly this time round, turning the original on its head and creating a sexy sense of minimalism over the mean bassline workout. The female vocal top line really shines in this version.

Elsewhere, up and coming US-based producer Urulu wastes little time in stamping his evocative and atmospheric trademarks all over his remix. Crisp Future Garage beats dance playfully over a lush new ambience, vocals taking a back seat as the tune washes over the listener.

For the final remix, G-Swing originator James Curd takes control. Here, Electro-tinged synths fuse with funky guitar licks and feel-good Disco vibes and while the lyrical melancholia remains, the track instead becomes something beautifully uplifting.

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