British Soul Legends, Courtney Pine and Omar, Outdo Themselves on their Version of Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly”

It is with great pleasure that we present this incredible cover version from two British soul and jazz legends, multi-instrumentalists Courtney Pine and Omar.  Pine has established himself as one of the finest jazz musicians anywhere on the planet and Omar continues to be one of the most respected musicians and singers of all time.  For the past thirty years, both have consistently contributed some of the highest quality music that is globally revered, demanded and time tested. They have each achieved a level of virtuosity in their respective crafts that few can match.

The newest track, “Butterfly” (Freestyle Records) begins with a haunting melody punctuated by Omar‘s impressive baritone, which floats delicately above the groove and is later accented by the sweet voice of Charleen Hamilton. In addition to the inclusion of lyrics and vocals, this song, a modern take on Herbie Hancock‘s rare groove (only sampled 5 times) tune of the same name, updates the drums (thanks Rod Youngs) and pace of the original while leveraging the gentle melodic themes of its predecessor to produce sonic magic. Following an impressive instrumental solo by Omar, Courtney Pine explodes with an incredible sax run that takes the song to its zenith.

“Butterfly” is accompanied by another track, “Rules” on this recently released single, “Butterfly Rules,” a precursor to the forthcoming Black Notes From The Deep album which is due later this month on October 27.  We are definitely looking forward to that for sure. (Pre-Order Your Copy)

Check out “Butterfly” by Courtney Pine and Omar for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments:

BUY Butterfly by Courtney Pine (feat. Omar)

Check out the original “Butterfly” by Herbie Hancock:

Check out this live performance of “Butterfly” by Courtney Pine and Omar from earlier this year at Bristol’s St George’s Hall:

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