Marley (2012) – FULL DOCUMENTARY

marleyTitle: Marley
Director: Kevin Macdonald
Stars: Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff FULL CAST
Released: April 20, 2012 🙂
Runtime: 144 min

We are pleased to present the critically acclaimed (and Marley estate approved) documentary, Marley. For those of us who are celebrating the life of this legend, this film, produced by Tuff Gong Pictures, includes rare concert footage, interviews with Marley family members and musicians from around the World.

Martin Scorsese was originally working on this documentary for the Weinstein Company back in 2008, but he swiftly left citing “scheduling conflicts,” and was replaced by Jonathan Demme. The project came to a standstill in August 2009 when Demme left the project after he and producer Steve Bing had creative differences in the middle of editing. Finally Kevin Macdonald was appointed.

Plot synopsis from IMDB: (warning: includes spoilers)

For nearly half a century, Bob Marley the musician, the revolutionary, the legend has influenced various populations at a global level that remains unparalleled. Marley’s passing in May 1981 not only left a huge void in what is perhaps modern musics most spiritual and yet accessible genre, reggae, but also, as a testament to the stars power, set the stage for the unprecedented, posthumous growth of his fan base.

The enduring nature of Bob Marley’s fame is anything but a simple pop music phenomenon. Just one index of it is the success of the Marley compilation album Legend, which is one of only 17 albums to pass the 10-million mark in sales (in 2009), continues to sell at the rate of about 250,000 albums per year, and is the second-longest charting album in the history of Billboard magazines record-keeping. With an ever-growing fanbase (as evidenced by his 33+ million roster of fans on Facebook and Twitter), his fame has elevated his stature to one of a spiritual beacon.

More than 30 years later, the undying messages that go beyond his music make Marley a cultural force to be reckoned with. His way of living was in many ways a political act on the world stage, across the worlds continents. Today, wherever politically minded youth seeks ways to find solidarity (as was exemplified over recent months by the popularity of Bob Marley’s music and imagery amidst scenes of protest in the Middle East and Africa and at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and its many offshoots), they find him to be an ever-potent cultural touchstone. And yet, for all the loyalty shown to the icon, and all the renewing excitement for those still discovering his legacy, many mysteries and unanswered questions have remained. A glut of concert films, biographies, DVDs and unauthorized videos already have attempted to explore his story over the years since his death, but the man himself remains almost as enigmatic as he is beloved.

Now, through the unprecedented, combined efforts of the Marley family, Oscar-winning master filmmaker Kevin Macdonald, many of those questions have been given an answer, and many of those mysteries have in great part been solved.

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