Happy Birthday Bob Marley! + Gil Noble’s Like It Is Interview

We would like to wish the late Nesta Robert Marley, more popularly known as Bob Marley, a Happy Birthday today on what would have been his 68th birthday. Bob Marley touched the World with his uplifting songs, spirit and humanitarianism. He remains one of the most important musicians and political figures of the past 50 years. His legacy continues to grow as a new generation of listeners are turned on to his mystical rhythms and magical voice.

On this day, we are pleased to bring you a rare interview with another important figure of our time, who recently passed away, Gil Noble. Noble’s show, Like It Is, was produced in New York City and focused primarily on issues concerning African Americans and those within the African diaspora. Noble, who’s own parents were Jamaican immigrants, discusses music, family and politics with the reggae legend. Enjoy!

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