Five Years Without A King : In Memoriam, Michael Jackson 08/29/58 – 06/25/09 [RARE VIDEO] @michaeljackson

Michael Jackson

On this day five years ago, the world became  a bit more dim with the lost of the great talent Michael Jackson. The uncontested greatest pop artist of all time, Michael Jackson used his voice, his lyrics, and his dance to entertain the world over. But it was heart for service and his philanthropy that made him an unequaled star. With his roots proudly and deeply embedded in the Black culture of Gary, Indiana. And after rising to acclaim alongside his brothers, Michael would go on to shine in a light that may truly never be seen again.

In an interview with Steve Harvey, Michael once said he hopes that end he is portrayed as “a loving peaceful guy, wanting to make wonderful, unprecedented entertainment for the world…that’s all I want to do”. Indeed, Michael Jackson, that is how you are remembered.

Below the jump we have a rare video that includes “Advice for Dreamers” from Michael Jackson himself. Enjoy and be lifted.

Five Years Without a King : In Memoriam, Michael Jackson 08/29/58 – 06/25/09

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